Ambie 2.0 — the best white noise app on Windows

Happy to announce the release of Ambie 2.0, a significant update to my humble white noise app that plays relaxing sounds to help you focus, sleep, or meditate. This new version includes several new features such as:

  • A new UI that puts the focus on your catalogue
  • New sounds to download
  • Made existing sounds have smooth transitions
  • Improved memory usage and performance
  • Parallel downloads and download progress indicators

My journey with Ambie started in November 2020 when I released v0.8 after 6 hours of building it from scratch. It was built to help me relax in the midst of the pandemic. At the time, there was no plan on Ambie’s future. I merely wanted to get away from the inescapable construction noise around my apartment. But the reception of Ambie by the global community has been nothing short of amazing.

  • 8000 acquisitions
  • 2000 monthly active users
  • 4.9 stars out of 5 with nearly 200 international ratings
  • Regularly the #1 health app in Spain’s Microsoft Store

With this response came feedback. Thanks to my time building Nightingale REST Client, I learned that feedback is the lifeblood of a product. What separates good apps from great ones is the ability to refine, deeply understand, and act on feedback. And so Ambie 2.0 is my response to you. It answers your feedback on UI, sound quality, download UX, and performance. Thank you for the support you have given this project.

Software is never perfect, so if you find an issue, let me know on Twitter or GitHub. If you like the app, give it a rating on the store. It helps a lot. And if you love the app, share it online or with a friend. Now, feel free to give Ambie a download, put on your headphones, and drift away.

Until next time,


I’m a software engineer at Microsoft, and I build Windows apps. I created Nightingale REST client. My stories are personal & not Microsoft’s.